Buttonhead, "Mouth Of Sundials" (3 mins)

From the forthcoming album 3D Opera Whale. Available soon at horsearm.com.

Somewhere between a music video and a documentary. Shot in Porto, Portugal.
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Museum Of Miracles (3 mins)

Set around a small shrine in Portugal this film follows the daily rituals of an archivist who spends her time cataloging and displaying the various objects that devotees offer to the local Saint in the hope that their prayers will be answered.

Director: Rita Ribas
Editor: Dave Green
Music: Ross Blake
Sound Mix: Joe Bell
Colourist: Dominic Robson-Smith

Funded by IdeasTap

Screened at the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, the Branchage Film Festival and DocHeads.

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Still Films

Some of my films have been selected for the Open Prize and were exhibited at the Nichols and Clarke warehouse and at the Hay Art Festival.

The Light Surgeons

During my internship at The Light Surgeons, a multimedia arts collective, I assisted with the research, shooting and editing of a variety of film and multimedia projects including the documentary Schlimazeltov! commissioned by the UK Jewish Film Festival, and LDN24, a media art installation for the Museum of London's Sackler Hall. My role also involved helping to manage the studio and developing the collectives' web-presence.

Turner And The Masters: Behind The Scenes

During my three-month work placement at the Tate I assisted with the production of in-gallery and web-based films including the monthly TateShots program as well as films for television broadcast. Above is an example of one of the films I edited for the Tate Channel.
(6 mins)

Thinking about heaven and death whilst wondering through an overgrown Victorian cemetery.

Special thanks to Abney Park Cemetery, the dogs and their owners.
Strangers Waving Goodbye

(idea in progress)

Film 1:

Stand on Embankment bridge and film tourists on boat trips as they wave to the people on dry land.

Film 2:

A film about people that have the urge to push strangers in front of tube trains, or people who have a fear of being pushed.

Both of these films evoke ways in which people attempt to reach out and connect with others, one positive and one negative. And also the crossing of boundaries - waving to someone you don’t know is a risk just like pushing someone in front of a moving train. Both are about trying to reach out and also trying to ‘test’ reality.

And waving goodbye - and the big goodbye of death

These two films could be interweaved into one film or even shown as an installation, where each film runs parallel to each other. hmmm must develop this idea further.